Red Brick Road is an American, Alternative Rock trio from Detroit, Michigan. The band is composed of brothers, Jake and Tate McCloskey, and Chris Males (formerly of Phoenix Rising). The brothers joined forces again in late 2017 upon Tate's return home from college. In late 2018, the at-the-time duo began playing music with Males,in the brother's basement,after meeting through a mutual friend. Although originally just a pass-time for the group,by early 2019 it was agreed upon that the three would merge into a band. After much speculation it was decided they would continue there endeavors under the moniker Red Brick Road. Red Brick Road is co-fronted by Jake and Chris who display many musical dynamics between the two of them in there unique song-writing styles. Shortly after formation in April of 2019 the band entered the studio and recorded their debut single "Bobby Joe". The single, "Bobby Joe" was released on September,1,2019 accompanied by a music video filmed in the Eastern Market district of the bands home-city of Detroit. A few months after the release of their first single they released another single titled "Rule the World". The band says they decided to release "Rule The World" on New Year’s Day because the song can be taken as a statement of what they plan to accomplish this year in 2020. Highly motivated and ambitious the group is in the midst of studio sessions to finish recording their debut full-length album,of a title yet to be announced. Red Brick Road says the album is set for release in Spring of 2020. In the mean-time the band can be caught playing live in several mid-western cities.